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Project timeline template

Project timeline template

Download the free project timeline template in Excel, edit it quickly by changing the names and due dates of tasks and milestones, adjusting the durations of each of the tasks that make up the project.

Project management can be complex from the point of view of controlling deliveries, meeting milestones and estimating task durations. Project management will be easier if you use formats to manage time easily and showing a timeline graph.

In this free Excel template you can quickly make a timeline to improve the time management of your projects. Use it in your projects with few activities in the beginning, but you can add tasks and milestones according to your need.

The template records the start and end of each task, the duration and name or label of each task, and a formula for adjusting the position of the timeline bars on the graph, both vertically and horizontally.

The project timeline graph shows important dates recorded chronologically, duration bars for each task, milestones, and deliverables for your project deliverables. Download the free timeline template!

The timeline template can be used by anyone who knows basic or intermediate MS Excel, no need to enter new formulas or program formulas or Visual Basic. If you need to learn or review the operation of MS Excel, you can watch some very well explained videos from the Microsoft Office Support website.

What is a timeline?

It is a graphical representation of a sequence of dates ordered chronologically where certain relevant information is shown to the reader. For example, you can display milestones, delivery dates, product arrival dates. This simple tool helps improve project management.

Features of the Project Timeline Template:

  • 100% editable in MS Excel, you can include additional data
  • 1 editable books for project management data entry
  • Editable file in any version of MS Excel (.xls or .xlsx) and exportable in PDF or the format you want.

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