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Plantilla de planificador de eventos en Excel

Event planner template in Excel

Download the Event Planner Template in Excel for free and plan any all kinds of events in a single sheet of MS Excel.

This template will allow you to write down the main data such as the title of the event, the organizer of the event, the location and also, the date and time of the event.

The Event Planner Template in Excel has several sections where you can complete and customize. Schedule meetings and topics related to your events, categorize your events by type, write a to-do list, and check compliance. You can also write down a list of contacts related to planning your event.

In other Excel workbooks you will find a section where you can write down the cats, classifying them by type, for example: decoration cats, site rental, advertising, hiring snacks and other important expenses.

Similar to the expense workbook, an income workbook is also presented where you could classify income by type, for example: admissions, by advertisements, by exhibitors and suppliers or by sale of products. In the last tab of Excel you will find a summary of income and expenses.

The event planner format in Excel will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

The Event Planner Template in Excel can be used by anyone who knows MS Excel, since it is not necessary to enter new formulas. If you need to learn or review the operation of MS Excel, you can watch some very well explained videos from the Microsoft Office Support website.

Features of the event planner in Excel:

  • 100% editable in MS Excel, you can include more data if you want.
  • The first workbook shows the sections of the scheduler with cells grouped and classified by use, such as by category, agenda, and event list.
  • The second and third books detail expenses and income, respectively in editable cells.
  • The last book shows the summary of income and expenses.
  • Editable file in any version of MS Excel (.xls or .xlsx) and exportable in PDF or the format you want.
  • It does not include macros, it is a simple but very useful format.

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