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Plantilla de PowerPoint La diversidad en la era digital

Diversity in the Digital Age template

Download the Diversity in the Digital Age Template for free, complete it in a few minutes in PowerPoint, Canva or Google Slides and discover how it can empower your work team in a work environment for your company with a great executive-style design in yellow and blue tones.

The template includes the schedule to be used to develop the activities planned for the workshop, terms and definitions based on keywords about diversity, statistics of the most important data, graphs with their respective descriptions and data. In addition to a certificate of participation for your attendees.

How to make a presentation of diversity in the digital age?

  • Choose a good PowerPoint template that has the right theme. The designs with soft touches of gradient are very pleasing to the eye, combined with a minimalist design, it is a great duo for your company presentation
  • It starts with a slide of agenda and topics to be discussed. First you must have a draft of the presentation you will make, write all your ideas and topics about what diversity means for a company and how it can enhance its growth. The next thing is to get information, do not just resort to a single source of information, guide yourself to the web, books, videos, etc. To make your presentation richer and more diverse.
  • Include appropriate typography. An excessive use of different typographies can lead to attention being diverted from your central theme, what is sought is that the information you present stands out more. This also depends a lot on the type of audience you will have in your presentation.
  • Keep the following structure in mind for your presentation:
    • What is diversity?
  • Give it rhythm and emphasize the most important thing about your presentation. It is important that you include parts in which you interact with your listeners, you can ask questions, ask for opinions, present surprising and relevant data about the topic of your presentation, since in this way you get to capture the interest and attention of your audience in your workshop.
  • Don’t miss the graphics! A very good way to present information, data, surveys, percentages, etc. They are the graphics, so you will make your presentation not boring or uniform and your listeners will better capture the information you are presenting.
  • Don’t forget the illustrations! Photographs that describe each topic (as they are in the template) help convey the information and make people better grasp the ideas you will present.
  • Add your personal brand and finally give a certificate of participation to your audience, this will help them feel committed to apply what they learned in your workshop.

Features of free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme

  • 100% editable and easy to modify in PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx), Google slides and Canva.
  • 25 slides to surprise any audience.
  • Design of the Diversity in the Digital Age Template in yellow and blue colors.
  • Contains a 100% editable certificate of participation
  • It contains figures, photographs and icons alluding to the theme and editable.
  • It is designed for use in Google Slides, Microsoft Power Point and Canva.
  • It has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 suitable for all types of screens.
  • Include graphs and statistical data to get the attention of your audience.

The Digital Diversity Template was originally designed at Canva. Download many free templates in editable PowerPoint format and use it in any personal or professional project, we have no restrictions on use, we only ask you to mention us in your publications or on your social networks. Share any of content on your social networks and you will get many free downloads.