Green Corporate Minimalist Infographic

If you’re looking to make a big impression with your next presentation, look no further than our Free Green Corporate Minimalist Infographic.

Professional intelligent technology presentation

Download the “Professional intelligent technology presentation” PowerPoint template and dazzle in your professional presentations.

Financial analyst resume template

Download the free Financial Analyst Resume Template and edit it in Word, PowerPoint or Canva. The download is instant.

Flight Attendant Resume Template

Download the free flight attendant resume template and edit it in Word, Canva or PowerPoint. The template serves as a sample CV, as it includes a sample description.

Kids birthday presentation template

Looking for a birthday presentation template for kids? We have what you need! Our kids’ birthday template is colorful and cheerful.

Modern Company Calendar 2023

Free download the modern company calendar 2023 template! Easily edit in PowerPoint or Canva. Welcome to the year 2023! 

Holiday gift lists

Free download Holiday gift lists in excel template. You can create a list and include all the details about the gifts you have to buy.

Modern Minimalist 2023 Calendar

Free download the modern minimalist 2023 calendar template! This template can be edited in PowerPoint and Canva.

Minimalist Brand Mind Map

Free Download the Minimalist Brand Mind Map Template, could be a visual representation of the key elements of a minimalist brand.

Red and green christmas presentation

Free download the red and green christmas presentation template. The design is very clean and professional to be used in any situation.